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Sail On 

Piedmont College 

Demorest, Georgia 30535 

(404) 778-3000 



70th Edition 











Student Life 






Contend I 

Daniel Hall was named in memory of Fred Adams 
Daniel (1903-1935). The view is from the back. ( — 

Freshmen LeAnn Bagwell and Trina Freeman 
stroll across Piedmont's center lawn at Orienta- 
tion. ( — Moore) 

Two new students review the information they 
have been given about Piedmont during Orienta- 
tion. ( — Moore) 

The stairs of opportunity — Daniel Hall is seen 
like this by motorists on Highway 441 Business ( 

— Moore) 

The interior of the Piedmont College Chapel, 
which was constructed by Wilton Duckett and 
dedicated May 30, 1971, in appreciation of James 
E. Walter, President, and Elizabeth Walter, 
Nurse. ( — Moore) 

1 Sail On 

Sail On 

Determining a theme for the 
1989-1990 Yonahian proved to be an 
easier than expected task. While 
at Herff-Jones Publishing Com- 
pany's summer workshop in Bir- 
mingham, Alabama in mid-July, we 
chose "Sail On" for the theme. The 
most obvious reason for this 
choice is the gold Mayflower wind 
vane atop Piedmont's chapel, 
which symbolizes the struggles of 
the Pilgrims. 

Also, education can be com- 
pared to an ocean voyage with its 
waves and storms. Leaving high 
school behind to begin college is 
like leaving a homeland to travel to 
a new, unexplored land. The weath- 
er vane on top of the steeple of 
Piedmont's chapel is symbolic of 

such a trip. 

Some people wait until later in 
life to begin their voyages, but 
they have personal motivations for 
their delays. They deser\e as 
much (if not more) respect as 
those who start immediately. No 
matter when the journey is start- 
ed, similar waves and storms are 

Although it may seem now that 
college is the end of the trip, it is in 
truth only the beginning. Life is a 
series of voyages that are inter- 
related, providing opportunities 
for growth and development. Don't 
be afraid to venture out in search 
of your dreams — sail on. 

Rob Moore % Jennifer Martin 

Opening 9 


rd;) Wii 

i*^ ^ 

A crowd of new students and their families gath- 
er outside the cafeteria for Orientation activi- 
ties. ( — Moore) 

Leah Henderson and Tom Johnson lead a class at 
Orientation, giving instructions and answering 
questions for new students. ( — Moore) 

Bill Perry and Leroy Whiting, Fall Semester SGA 
President, walk to a parents' meeting at Orienta- 
tion. ( — Moore) 

* » 

4 Sail On 

Orientation 1989 


Fall Semester Orientation 1989 
was held Saturday, August 26 
through Tuesday, August 29, for 
new students. Staffed by mem- 
bers of the Student Government 
Association, faculty, and other 
campus leaders, this program was 
designed to assist new students 
in their transition to Piedmont 
College. Parents also were in- 
volved in Saturday's meetings. 

To help incoming freshmen get 
acquainted, a freshmen dance 
was held on Saturday night. Dur- 
ing the next three days, the new 

students met in small groups with 
rheir orientation group leaders. 
Academic advising, library orien- 
tation, residence hall meetings. 
Piedmont Studies Orientation, 
and a club fair were also held. 

New students were also assist- 
ed in registering for classes and 
taking care of fees. The Piedmont 
Student Government Association 
sponsored several evening events 
for the new students, including a 
cookout, a mystery activity, and a 
BSU concert. 

A banner on the Piedmont College library Ml 
come* new students to the > 

New students and their parents gather in the 
Ptedmong Chapel lor President Simmon* »<"• 
coming speech ( Moore) 

Opening 5 

6 Sail On 

Getting Acquainted 

One of the hardest things to do 
at any college is to meet and get to 
know people. Class schedules, jobs 
S extracurricular activities compli- 
cate students' attempts to spend 
time together. Most resident stu- 
dents usually have it a little easier 
than commuters' because of their 
dorm situations, which allow them 
to meet others. 

Commuters often go to school 
only for classes and required ac- 
tivities because they do not feel 
included, while residents look for 
activities on campus to fill their 
time. This year, the Student Gov- 
ernment Association — in cooper- 
ation with Ms. Patti Dixon, new Di- 
rector of Student Activities — has 
increased the number of organized 

Scott Mewborne. Ronnie Mullinax and Monique Ag- 
bor review their homework before class starts. ( — 
Moore ) 

Kerry Ward and other members of the Orientation 

staff pass out materials to incoming students. ( — Lori Payne looks at the schools new \iew book tor 

Moore) prospective students. ( MOON 

activities in an attempt to in- 
volve more students. 

Some activities SGA has con- 
ducted this year include numer- 
ous dances, theme parties, roll- 
er-skating trips, a snow-skiing 
trip, a scavenger hunt, trick-or- 
treat in the dorms at Halloween, 
turkey-bowling at Thanksgiving 
and a school Christmas tree- 
lighting ceremony. 

Campus activities are open to 
both resident and commuter stu- 
dents, and to members of the 
Piedmont faculty and staff. 

Student l Ifc 

They Are So Happy 


Friendships are an integral 
part of life, but are especially 
important in college. Many stu- 
dents leave home for the first 
time to attend school. The secu- 
rity of parents, relatives, and 
life-long friends is left behind. 

New experiences confront 
college students every day, and 
friends become essential. 
Friends are there to hear prob- 
lems and triumphs, to help with 
homework, and to spend time 
with. Perhaps the most impor- 
tant job that a friend has is sim- 
ply being there when needed. 

Friendships must be able to 
withstand arguments, criticism, 
competition, heartaches, tur- 
moil, and confusion. Friendship 
is acceptance of people for ex- 
actly who they are, not what 
they could become. The next 
time your roommate wakes you 
up at 3 AM, listen to the prob- 
lem. You might need a listener 
one night. 

Scott McDaniel, Jim Bishop, Craig Gee, Pat 

Mayfield and Jay Archer look for pictures of 

themselves. ( — Moore) 

Julie Denard and Cindy Holman spend time 
together in Getman-Babcock Dorm. ( — Moore) 

8 Sail On 

Lynette Finch and Mary Tittle — two good 
friends show their closeness. ( — Woodhanv 

April Anderson. Angle Chambers and Lesley 
Bennett — never too busy to smile | Moore 

Student I Ifc - 1 

Living with a Bad Case of 


Stress is a major factor in the 
lives of both students and faculty. 
Everyone has a personal means of 
coping with this stress. Some stu- 
dents such as Michael Carroll, Bill 
Beehler, and Wanda Dawson, enjoy 
a friendly game of chess or cards 
in the Student Center between 

Faculty members have another 
answer to coping with pressure. 
Dr. Vijaya Kandala, Miss Windy 
Charles, Dr. Lisa Lumpkin, Mrs. 
Kathy Elrod, Mrs. Kathy Wies, and 
Mrs. Donnice Henderson walk 
around Demorest Lake during their 
lunch breaks in order to ease ten- 
sion and stay healthy. 

Other students enjoy the seren- 
ity of Demorest Springs Park and 
go there to relax, meditate, and 

study. The quiet atmosphere 
makes it a popular place to go dur- 
ing nice weather. 

Commuters often have a little 
harder time relaxing while at 
school. Most don't know very 
many people, so they are not as 
comfortable spending time in the 
Student Center. A few, such as 
Trent Fricks, Tammy and Pat 
Wheeler, Matt Cook, Perry Dalton, 
and Ginger Rumsey spend a good 
deal of time playing pool, ping- 
pong, foosball, and videogames in 
the Student Center. 

Recreation and relaxation are 
important elements of the lives of 
students and faculty. Different 
people have different ways of get- 
ting rid of stress, ail of which can 
be beneficial. 

Andi Gilleland, Tracy Mathews and Tom Johnson Arun Bajracharya, Manoj Shrestha, and Suresh Sha 
take a walk after Piedmont Studies. ( — Moore) kya relax in front of the cafeteria. ( — Moore) 

10 Sail On 

Fredda Dooley grins in apprehension of Reverend 
Nickle's religion test. ( — Moore) 

Octavius Mulligan takes a break in the TV. area of 
the Student Center. ( — Moore) 

Bobby Lett and Anthony Teasley smile after 
winning a game of pool Moore 

Student i Ifc II 

Read the Next Seven Chapters . . . 
. . . and be Ready for a Test Next Class. 

Students Face Numerous Exams 

How many times have you 
heard the following words: 
"Read the next several chapters 
and be ready for a test next class 
period"? These words are famil- 
iar to most college students, es- 
pecially toward the end of the 

Test are a major headache for 
all students. Finding time to 

study is often a difficult task. 
Time is precious, and regular 
studying consumes time other- 
wise spent in social activities. 

Each professor has a personal 
method of testing students. 
Some teachers prefer to give es- 
say exams, while others would 
rather administer short-answer 
tests. Most members of the fac- 

Derek Pardue, Mike Edwards and Jeff Jenkins wait 
in the lobby of Daniel Hall to watch the girls go by. ( 
— Cannon) 

Deana Murphy and Mike Harkness enjoy watching 
other people dance at the Valentine's Dance. ( — 

ulty, however, utilize a combina- 
tion of the above types of tests, 
giving an exam that is both ob- 
jective and subjective. 

Tests are an integral part of 
the educational process. No mat- 
ter how much students dislike 
exams, they are a necessary 
measure of comprehension of 

12 Sail On 

Student I ifc 

Conquering the Fears of Being Fixed Up on . 

. . . Blind Dates 

One of the most dreaded things 
in the life of a college student is 
being "fixed up" with a blind date. 
Your best friend (allegedly) knows 
the "ideal person who has a great 

After some consideration, you 
finally agree to the date. You 
wouldn't want to hurt anyone's 
feelings, so you decide you can risk 
one bad date. 

All week your best friend keeps 
telling you, "He has a great person- 
ality." You start to get apprehen- 

somewhat less than great-looking. 

The night of the date you begin 
to wonder what to wear, finally de- 
ciding to wear your new dress. As 
you and your best friend enter the 
restaurant, your knees turn to noo- 
dles and you fear that this date 
really could be as bad as you imag- 
ined. You go over for your best 
friend to introduce you, and you 
finally get a look at the guy. 

This has to be the most hand- 
some guy you have ever seen. He 
smiles .. Yes! All his front teeth are 

"/ would rather a guy have the nerve to ask 
me out himself than to get someone else to 
try and fix him up with me." 

— Jennifer Martin 

sive, wondering if you should have there. After talking with him a few 

agreed to this date. That "great minutes, you realize that your wor- 

personality" description really has ries were unnecessary. You have 

you worried that this guy may be found someone special. 

Lewis Lane, April Anderson, Shane Harrison, Scott 

McDaniel, Greg Hammond, Jennifer Charles, 

Stephen Allen and Susan Austin take a break from 

dancing. ( — Cannon) 

Donna Cleveland, Stephanie Lovin and Tammy 

Wheeler, all from Stephens County, relax in the 

Student Center. ( — Moore) 

14 Sail On 

Student Life 1^ 






3U^ oRS 

a^-^;^^ earo< 

60 boor* °' 

^»:^>" ,K ' 


, in hour* 0< 

o< co«c« e I 

F rESH* eH 


Students 17 

Shane Adams 

Bart Allen 

Matt Allen 

Rodney Allen 

April Anderson 


April Anderson 

— Personal: April is a commuter from Mt. Airy. 

She was born on November 15, 1971. 

— Family: Anderson's mother and step-father are 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Savage, and she has 
one sister, Alisa Anderson. 

— High School: Habersham Central. 

— Hobbies: Playing basketball, dancing, talking, ex- 

ercising, gymnastics. 

— Future Plans: Undecided. 

Heather Anderson 

Tonia Anderson 

Jay Archer 

Gregory Austin 

Susan Austin 

LeAnn Bagwell 

Brian Barber 

Jonathan Barrett 

Brad Benfield 

Lesley Bennett 

IS Sail On 


1 *S3* "^ p 




Jim Bishop 
Stephen Black 
Barbara Blackwell 
David Boswinkle 
Ferrell Bray 

Bill Brenner 
Daniel Brigman 
Bonnie Brown 
Jeff Bryan 
Shawn Bryant 

Dan Bush 
Rhonda Carr 
John Castleberry, Jr. 
Jeff Caudell 
Angie Chambers 


Barbara Blackwell 

- Personal: Barbara is a resident student from 


She was born on April 29, 1970. 

- Family: Blackwell's parents are Mr. and Mrs Rob 

ert Blackwell. Jr. of Gainesville. She has 
one brother. 

High School: North Hall. 

Hobbies: Making things (crafts). 

Future Plans: Become I psychologist counselor 

Employment: Barbara works at Lndicott Johnson 
Shoes in GaiftCft He 

I roshr 

Krystal Chappelear 

Evan Charles 

Chea Cheapoo 

Jamie Chosewood 

Kevin Church 

George Collazo 

Karen Colwell 

Matt Cook 

Clay Cox 

Jerry Cox 

Dan Curry 

Charles Dalrymple 

Andy Davis 

Dackri Davis 

Anna Dekle 




- l 


Matt Cook 

Personal: Matt is a commuter from Clayton. 
He was born on December I, 1971. 

Family: Cook's mother is Patricia Cook. 

High School: Rabun County. 

Hobbies: Shooting pool in the Student Center 
between classes. 

20 Sail On 


Fredda Dooley 

— Personal: Fredda is a commut- 

er from Toccoa. 
She was born on July 
20. 1970. 

— Family: Dooley's parents are 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. 

— Major: Early Childhood Edu- 


— High School: Stephens Coun- 


— Hobbies: Softball. 

— Future Plans: Finish college. 

— Employment: Fredda works at 

Quality Foods. 






> 4 








Julie Denard 
Pam Dietrich 
Fredda Dooley 
Tracy Dyer 
Keith tdwards 

Lynette Finch 
Randy Fordham 
Tammy Foster 
Jason Freeman 
Matt Fricks 

Yukio Fu|iwara 
Chuck Gaines 
Crai^; GCC 
Michael oriner 
Jeff Harris 


Kimberly Harris 

Don Heaton 

Betsy Henderson 

Tangela Hinton 

Kristin Hobgood 

Bill Hogsed 

Darryle Holcomb 

Cindy Holman 

Miki Howard 

Barbara Isbell 


Betsy Henderson 

- Personal: Betsy is a resident student from dim- 
She was born on April 29, 1971. 

Family: Henderson's parents are Mr. and Mrs. 
Hugh Henderson. 

High School: Forsyth County. 

Hobbies: Basketball, softball. 

Athletics: Betsy plays basketball and softball for 
Piedmont College. 

Zack Ivey 

Michael Jasperse 

Jodi Johnson 

LeighAnn Johnson 

Richie Jordan 

12 Sail On 


Stephanie Lovin 

— Personal: Stephanie is a commuter from Toccoa. 

She was born May 18, 1971. 

— Family: Lovin's parents are Ronnie and Teresa 

Lovin, and she is an only child. 

— Major: Business. 

— High School: Stephens County. 

— Hobbies: Swimming, boating, fishing, playing vol- 

leyball, skiing, being around friends, 
talking on the phone (!!). playing the 
piano, singing, working out, driving 
fast, and — most of all — spending time 
with Richie. 

— Future Plans — To finish school, find a career 

that pays good money, and set- 
tle down to raise a family. 

— Employment: Stephanie works at Gem Southeast. 

Greg Loudermilk 
Andrea lowll 
Stephanie Lovin 

Em§mm Lydhm 

Chris Lud*ifc; 

Ptopk 2i 


Tonya McCoy 

- Personal: Tonya is a commuter from Gillsville. 

She was born on August II, 1971. 

- Family: McCoy's parents are Barbara Garrison 

and Jerry McCoy. She has one brother. 

Major: Business 
High School: Banks County 
Hobbies: Playing ball. 
Future Plans: Undecided. 

~;V/'^:;^ [ :^|g|| 

Loyce Martin 

Tina Martin 

Melissa McCaleb 

Tonya McCoy 

Scott McDaniel 

Jennifer Mekrut 

Billy Miller 

Jason Moore 

Rod Moore 

Octavius Mulligan 

CS Of"- 1 

\ i 

f 5 f)& 

24 Sail On 

Renee Norris 
Michaelle Owenby 
Jennifer Owens 
Michelle Patch 
Goldie Patel 

David Payne 
Jean Pleysier 
Bobby Posner 
Chris Price 
David Rape 

Nina Reaghard 
Paul Robards 
Preston Rogers 
Bridget Rose 
Ginger Rumsey 

Ginger Rumsey 

— Personal: Ginger is a commuter from Eastonollee. 

She was born on December 13, 1970. 

— Family: Rumsey's parents are Stanley and Vicki 

Rumsey. She has one brother (Scott) and 
one sister (Allyson). 

— Major: Business. 

High School: Stephens County. 

— Hobbies: Dancing; communicating with people. 

Future Plans: Undecided. 

Employment: Ginger works at Eckerd's in loc 



Angie Smith 

- Personal: Angie is a commuter from Cleveland. 

She was born on September 24, 1971. 

- Family: Smith is the daughter of Clarence and 

Melba Smith. She has one sister, Holly. 

- Major: Early Childhood Education. 

- High School: White County. 

- Hobbies: Sports, especially basketball and soft- 


- Future Plans: To teach. 

- Athletics: Angie was to play both basketball and 

Softball for Piedmont this year, but 
was sidelined early because of serious 
knee damage. 

Sharon Simmons 

Amy Stevenson 

Hank Strom 

Catherine Sturdivant 

Ritsushi Sugimoto 

Crissy Talley 

26 Sail On 

* n 



Daryl White 

Personal: Daryl is a commuter from Demorest. 
He was born on October 4, 1971. 

Family: Daryl is the son of Floyd and Betty White. 

High School: Habersham Central. 

Employment. White works at the Cornelia office of 
Habersham Bank. 

Darren Volk 
Leigh Anne Wade 
Melissa Walls 
Scon Sk arner 
Karla U IttOII 

Michelle ttesthuvk 
Patricia U heeler 
Par si White 

Soon • Ivton 

HertuM i W Mdnton 

People 21 

Judy Williams 

Kim Williams 

Matt Williams 

Mark Witherington 

Howard Wood 


Kristie Zimmerman 

- Personal: Kristie is a commuter from Cornelia. 

She was born on October 5, 1971. 

- Family: Kristie's parents are Sgt. and Mrs. Larry 


High School: Habersham Central. 

Employment: Zimmerman works at Charley's 
Quick Stop and Charley's Skillet 
in Cornelia. Her job entails wait- 
ing tables at the Skillet during 
lunch, and minding the conve- 
nience store during the after- 

Teresa Wood 

Ricky Woodruff 

Richard York 

Bonnie Young 

Kristie Zimmerman 

28 Sail On 


Nancy Alexander 
Mark Austin 
Bonita Bagley 
Sandi Bagley 
Lane Bennett 

Matt Benson 
Christopher Besong 
Laurie Brooks 
Darla Brown 
Danny Brumfield 

Lisa Butler 
Robert Callaway 
Tiffiany Cantrell 
Gail Chapman 
Paula Chapman 


Darla Brown 

— Personal: Darla is a commuter from Lavonia. 

She was born on September 21, 1970. 

— Family: Browns parents are Ernest and Sue 

Brown, and she is an only child. 

— Major: Middle Grades Education. 

— High School: Stephens County. 

— Hobbies: Water-skiing, being with Doug, work 


— Future Plans: Get married pretty soon, and get a 

teaching job at Stephens Counts 
Middle School. 

Employment: Darla works at Stephens Counts 
Medical Center. 

Other: Darla was recently iwarded the Mint 

Scholarship tor the 1990 1991 school \ ear 



Deborah Charles 
Darline Church 

Donna Cleveland 

Kym Colquitt 

Maria Costello 


Kym Colquitt 

- Personal: Kym is a resident student from Lexing- 

ton, Ga. 

She was born on April 9, 1970. 

- Family: Colquitt's parents are Hubert and Alice 


- Major: Undecided. Present interest is advertis- 


- High School: Oglethorpe County. 

- Hobbies: Swimming, water-skiing. 

- Future Plans.- Transfer to the University of Gero- 

gia in the fall. 

- Employment: Kym is a child-care assistant at 

Bethlehem Baptist Church in 

Daniel Couch 

Mary Curry 

Mimi D'Entremont 

Bubby Dean 

Jennifer Dean 

Julie DeLong 

Eric Dickerson 

Mike Duncan 

Kay Edwards 

Joe Elder 

30 Sail On 







Edmund Eno 
Steve Farley 
Shannon Floyd 
Debbie Franklin 
Trent Fricks 

Jeff Gambrell 
Todd Gant 
Andi Gilleland 
James Grimshaw 
Steve Harden 


Trent Fricks 

— Personal: Trent is a commuter from Mt. Airy. 

He was born on October 13. 1970. 

— Family: Trent's parents are Tommy and Annette 

Fricks. He has an older brother. Todd. 

— High School: Habersham Central. 

— Hobbies: Basketball, shooting pool. golf. 

Athletics: Trent plays basketball and golf for 

p as © & 

Mike Harknes* 

i nh Hi'inu-i mii 

Sharon Hickox 
Torn Mfdon 
Sttwai i H o k omba 

Poodle M 

Scott Hussey 




f\ ( 


Selena James 



Raymond Kent 



V* ** 

W -^f * 

. -' 

Yukiko Komamura 

. H 

M .=*>' 

John Krippner 




Wes Landers 
Jeff Lewallen 
Carolyn Lewis 




r\ i 


Bridgett Marcus 




* T 

Donna Martin 





Jeff Lewallen 

Personal: Jeff is a commuter from Baldwin. 
He was born on January 25, 1970. 

Family: Lewallen's parents are Ray and Glenda 

High School: Habersham Central. 

Employment: Jeff is a teller at the Baldwin 
Branch of Habersham Bank. 

Jennifer Martin 

Lee McClure 

Mark McCoy 

Kathleen McDuffie 

Tora McDuffie 


32 Sail On 

Kelli McGlennen 
Brenda Wewborne 
Mario Miller 
Stephanie Miller 
Pam Murray 


Kellie Partain 

- Personal: Kellie is a commuter from Baldwin. 

She was born January II, 1969. 

- Family: Partain's parents are Gene and Norma 

Jean Partain. She has an older sister. 
Lisa P. Nicholson, who is a Piedmont 

Major: Business Administration. 

High School: Habersham Central. 

Hobbies: Swimming, horseback riding. 

Future Plans: After college. Kellie plans to work 
for her father to begin with, then 
see what jobs are available. 

f*.) ^ 

Michiro Nagasu 
Judy Nichols 
Kellie Partain 
Julie Poulson 
Chnst\ Pruitt 

Amber Ray 

Dom| Itghnti 

Susan Robinson 
Surosh Sluk\ .1 

amt Shurttefl 



Angela Simmons 
Eric Smith 

Stacey Spruell 
Edward Stamey 

Jackie Stancil 





Pukoshotta Subedi 

Jeffrenia Tatum 

Cammy Taylor 

Mark Thibodeau 

Brett Thomas 





Tatjana Thompson 

Cathy Thurmond 

Ann Treadway 

Brian Turner 

Becky Turpen 





Jackie Stancil 

Personal: Jackie is a commuter from Toccoa. 
She was born on September 10, 1970. 

Family: Stancil's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Joe 

Major: Middle Grades Education. 

High School: Stephens County. 

Hobbies: Dancing: tap and ballet — especially 
tap ; summer morning breakfast at 
Burger King with "the krew." (R.M., 
J.M., T.W.); P.W. was absent 

Employment: Jackie works at Revco in Toccoa, 
and at Jazzie Jane's Dance Studio 
in Toccoa. 

34 Sail On 


Terrell Yelverton 

Personal: Terrell is from Augusta. He is the youn- 
gest of seven children. 

Background: Yelverton is in his second year as 
pitcher for the Piedmont Diamond 
Lions. During his freshman year, 
he pitched a no-hitter. 

Hobbies: Baseball. 

Priorities in Life: "God, family, school and base- 

Future Plans: "You never know what might hap- 

— Excerpted from an interview in the Piedmont 
ion's Roar.) 

Junko Uno 
Brian Vandiver 
Kenneth Vandiver 
Knsti Vaughn 
Diane Wall 

Tara Walter 
Kerry Ward 
Tammv W heeler 

Jodi White 
Cr\stal U lies 

Brtndi W ood 
Joy \\ ood 
Christ i Woodh o m 

Terrell When on 

Pcoplt 33 

William Aker 

Stephen Allen 

Arun Bajracharya 

Bill Beehler 

Lisa Bolton 

f$ (SI ft 


Jimmy Cash 

- Personal: Jimmy is a commuter from Tallulah 


He was born on September 1, 1967. 

Family: Jimmy's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jim 
Cash, and his sister, Lynnie Cash, at- 
tends Piedmont. 

- High School: Rabun County. 

- Community Involvement: Cash is a volunteer fir- 

efighter and certified 
First Responder with 
the Tallulah Falls Fire 
Department. Jimmy 
ran for a seat on the 
town council this year. 

Dannette Bowers 

Dorrene Butts 

Alice (Jody) Cannon 

Michael Carroll 

Ben Cash 




Jimmy Cash 

Lynnie Cash 

Cris Cook 

Johnny Coxx 

Stacy Crow 



36 Sail On 


Jim Gallagher 

- Personal: Jim is a commuter 

from Cornelia. 
He was born on 
June 21, 1969. 

- Family: Jim's parents are Rick 

and Dianne Gallagher, 
both school teachers 
at South Habersham 
Junior High. 

- High School: Habersham Cen- 

tral, where he 
served as Senior 
Class President 

for 1987. 

- Employment: Jim works at the 

Cornelia office 
of Habersham 








( ■■» 

Donna Dean 
Craig Dickinson 
Ram Dongol 
Mike Edwards 
Tern Edwards 

Gary Farley 
Janice Gaither 
Jim Gallagher 
Wendi Haight 
Kenny Haney 

Thelma Hart 
Tern IMcomb 
Traci jMObl 
Jett Jenkins 
I MR) ki-i >h 

Junlon 37 

Kim Lowery 

Danny Mahaffey 

Gina Martin 

Joel Massey 

Tracy Mathews 


Joel Massey 

- Personal: Joel is a commuter from Cornelia. 

He was born on April 14, 1969. 

- Family: Massey's parents are Billy and Sara Massey. He has 

an older brother, James. 

- Major: Business Administration, with a minor in Business 


- High School: Habersham Central. 

- Hobbies: Golf-, Commerce Division Club, where he is a Board 

Member? First Baptist Church of Cornelia, where 
he serves as an usher, a Sunday School class officer, 
and a member of the Audiovisual Committee. 

- Future Plans: Obtain a management job in a financial institu- 


Employment: Joel works at Community Bank and Trust in 


Ryan Melton 

Rob Moore 

William Morgan 

Kerry Mote 

Deana Murphy 

38 Sail On 

Derek Pardue 
Breck Patterson 
Toube Praseuth 
Chelie Pruitt 
Chenelle Raines 


John Stevenson 

— Personal: John is a commuter from Toccoa. 

— Family: John's mother and step-father are Bill 

and Alice Knowles. 

— Major: History. 

— High School: Stephens County. 

— Hobbies: Data Processing Management Associ- 

ation; History Society; Chess; playing 

Kimberly Rider 
Tammy Ross 
Dexter Sanders 
Jill Shedd 
Manoi Shrtfthi 

kimberli Simmemon 
Kristal Stafford 

Shannon Staton 
John Stavtnton 

Rands 1 luuk im 

Ptopk 39 

Matt Tucker 

Umesh Upadhyay $ 

Karen Vaughn 

Marty Veal 

Amy Waldon 

Jimmy Whelchel 

Heather Wilbanks 

Michael Williams 

Eric Williams 

Wendy Wilson 


Amy Waldon 

Personal: Amy is a commuter from Alto. 
She was born July 1969. 

Family: Amy's parents are Tony and Stephanie 

High School: Habersham Central. 

Employment: Amy works at the main office of 
Community Bank and Trust in 




mn -^ 


\ t 

40 Sail On 


"Making an entrance is my specialty." 

Kim Rider concentrates on her studies between classes. (— Moore) 

Samantha U oodall ti DWMM r»urri*« M h* 

•otriwcamMfct n m *vHk m eMcmm "■»« 

Jimim VMeM f\Ifru1» .1 Ificti.lU |Mrf I 

lag »jw to fwiwnc \Uxvr 

Pcopk 41 

Laura Adams 

Monique Agbor 

Darren Anderson 

Brad Ash 


Brad Ash 

— Personal: Brad is a commuter from Cleveland. 

He was born on December I, 1967. 

— Family: Ash is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ash, 

Jr., and the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. 
Roy Ash, Sr., and Mrs. Myrtle Lunsford. 

— High School: White County. 

— Future Plans: To marry Gretchen Smith on Au- 

gust 18, 1990. 

— Employment: Brad works for ASA Farms. 

Rick Austin 

Danielle Bachant 

Kin Bajracharya 

Nancy Barrett 

*%, ' * 

42 Sail On 

Debbie Burrell 
Francis Callahan 
Roberta Callahan 
Stanley Carter 

Jeff Casper 
Ronald Champion 
Cheree Chandler 
Jennifer Charles 


Cheree Chandler 

— Personal: Cheree is a commuter from Cornelia. 

She was born on October 30, 1969. 

— Family: Cheree's parents are Charles and Van 

cine Chandler. She has an older sister, 
Charlene C. Jones, and a younger sister. 
Lana Chandler. 

— High School: Habersham Central. 

— Future Plans: To marry Timmy Charles in June of 



l\mn\ CNtWOOd 
Keith Clark 
Parlene CrOM 

Juhe Daffln 


Wanda Dawson 

Ken Dietrich 

Rohit Duvadie 

Laura Edney 

Anita Elliott 

Lynn Farmer 

Melanie Fitzpatrick 

Steven Fleming 


Sonya Davidson 

- Personal: Sonya is a commut- 

er from Baldwin. 
She was born on 
May 19, 1968. 

- Family: Davidson's parents 

are William and Sue 

- High School: Habersham Cen- 


- Employment: Sonya is the 

at Lanier Air 
Products in 

Teresa Ford 

Renota Free 

John Gale 

Jewell Gordon 

44 Sail On 


Jewell Gordon 

Personal: Jewell is a commuter from Commerce. 
She was born on August 30, 1968. 

- Family: Gordon's parents are James and Patsy 

Gordon. She has two sisters, Paulette 
and Lisa Gordon. 

- Major: Accounting and Business Administration. 
High School: Banks County. 

- Hobbies: Reading, writing, listening to music. 

bike- riding. 

- Future Plans: Undecided. 

Employment: Jewell has been a Resident Assis- 
tant for two years, and a student 
worker in the Business Office. 

- Honors: Deans List and Who's Who Among Stu 

dents in American Colleges and Unuer 
sities. Piedmont College Home c oming 
Queen 1989-1990. 

CNkako W r a y ami 

Verna llow f d 

\1ar\ in Hudson 
Tina Hunnicutt 

IV Km ah lr\m 

fcdnh JamtMfi 

Mark Jenkins 

Kcndrt Jonts 

People 45 

Derek Lovins 

JoAnn Massey 

Greg McCall 

Tammy McDaniel 

Harold Moore 

Jay Mudbhary 

Ronnie Muliinax 

Gail Nix 


Tammy McDaniel 

Personal: Tammy is a commuter from Auburn, 
She was born on February 7, 1968. 

Family: McDaniel's parents are Larry and Fran- 
ces McDaniel. She has one brother. 

Major: Business Administration. 

- High School: Winder-Barrow. 
Hobbies: Sports, especially softball. 

- Future Plans: To get married, and to work as an 

Administrative Assistant at Preci- 
sion Planning, Inc. in Lawrence- 

46 Sail On 


Brad Simmons 

Personal: Brad is a 1987 graduate of Piedmont 
College, but he continues to take 
classes to further his education. 

- Family: Brad's parents are Dr. and Mrs. Garen 

Simmons. He has one sister, Darcy, who 
is a 1990 graduate of Piedmont College. 

- High School: Brad is a 1983 graduate of Haber- 

sham Central. 

- Athletics: Simmons was a four-year letterman in 

baseball at Piedmont from 1983-1987. 

- Employment: Brad is in his first year as Piedmont 

Head Women's Basketball Coach. 








Tom Nixon 
Boon Sun Ong 
Patrick Onwuzuruike 
Billy Payne 

Billy Perry 
Somkhith Phapakdv 
Joe Pitts 
Linda Pitts 

Ga>la MtChlt 
Henrietta Roberts 
Brenda Rush 

Brad Simmons 

Ptopk 4' 

Darcy Simmons 

Arnold Solvig 

Margaret Stabler 

Anthony Teasley 


Darcy Simmons 

Personal: Darcy is a commuter from Demorest. 
She was born on December 3, 1968. 

Family: Simmons is the daughter of President 
and Mrs. Garen Simmons. Her older 
brother, Brad, is in his first year of 
coaching the Piedmont Lady Lions bas- 
ketball team. 

Major: English, Secondary Education. 

High School: Habersham Central. 

Hobbies: Water-skiing, snow-skiing; presently 
building a house with her fiance. 

Future Plans.- Darcy has obtained a job as an 
English teacher at White County 
High School. She is getting mar- 
ried in December of 1990 to Eric 

Kim Canup of Alto looks over her homework 
before Dr. Singer's class begins. ( — Moore) 

48 Sail On 


Glenda Welch 
Joseph Wheeler 
Sandra Wheeler 
Leroy Whiting 

Teresa Woodall 
Margaret Zadel 

Hfun' Water* of Toccoa trie* hi* luck at one ol the li»a \A ilium* ol Pernor e»t look* like »he ,. 
pinball machine* in ihe Siu.K-ni C«llMi Moore i heheve n i* alreadv time tor her te»t in 

I Jm .11 ion Moon- 

Jim Byrne* of Pemore»t prepare* lor a lull ffc) ol 
cla»»e*. ( Moore) 

topic 49 

The Key To Safe Sailing 




W J 

50 Sail On 

Student i ifc 51 

52 Sail On 

Caught Between 


A time to gossip, walk, talk, goof off and get your picture made 

Student i ifc 53 






%£* \s 

i 1 


* ; 

w 1 



1 1 


54 Sail On 

4- ks >£. 

Find a soft spot 
and sit down. 

Studtnt i if o 55 

& -5* 






&M (& 


^l& '^ — 

r^ i «5 

56 Sail On 

A Gathering of 


Wherever People Are, Friends Gather . . . 
. . . on the lawn, in the dorm, in the halls. 

Student I Ifc 57 


Good times 

58 Sail On 

Student i ifc 59 

Work Programs 

Tammy McDaniel, student worker in the Dean's Office, enters data into 
the computer. ( — Moore) 

Students at Piedmont College can earn money 
for their educational expenses in one of three 
types of campus employment: the federal College 
Work-Study Program which allows students to 
work in various capacities in offices and depart- 
ments on campus based on financial need, the 
Piedmont College Work-Aid Program which is 
funded through private contributions that are 
designated for such purposes, or by being a Resi- 
dent Assistant in one of the dormitories. RA's are 
generally selected early and there are few posi- 
tions, and the Work-Study Program is based 
purely on financial need, so many students are 
employed under the Piedmont Work-Aid Pro- 

60 Sail On 

Realizing that it is payday. Kin Bajrachrya — student 
worker in the Student Center — smiles in anticipa- 
tion of his montly check. ( — Moore) 

Alumni Office student worker Beth Vest hurries to 
complete a memo. ( — Moore) 

Scott Hussey rushes to complete his homework 
before beginning his shift in the Student Center 
( — Moore) 

Knowing H might bo j long nnohond In lofl 
*. ,i>i>.'i gati oui j chorr) bapop Monro 

Working m the Regi»tr*r » OfflCO keep. Qol 

Chonmon bu>* 

Student i He 61 


Most students either want or 
need to earn money during their 
college years. One option for 
those students at Piedmont is 
on-campus employment through 
the Work-Study or Work-Aid 

Those students who do not 
find work on campus are gener- 
ally able to gain employment in 
the local area. Several students 
and their employers will be listed 
here, but this is by no means an 
extensive list. Joel Massey, Jay 
Reed, Amy Waldon, Julie Poul- 
son, Community Bank £ Trust; 
Stephanie Miller, Brenda Mew- 
borne, Daryl White, Brenda Lov- 
ell, Ann Nicely, Jim Gallagher, 
Pam Murray, Tonya Wright, Jeff 
Lewallen, Habersham Bank; Rob 
Moore, Whitfield Funeral Home: 
Kristie Zimmerman, Charley's 
Quick Stop $ Charley's Skillet; 
Tracy Mathews, Cato ; John 
Krippner, Video Attractions; So- 
nya Davidson, Lanier Air Pro- 
ducts; and Danny Mahaffey, 

Rob Moore, employed at Whitfield Funeral 

Home since 1987, doublechecks some 

information. ( — L. Moore) 

Pam Murray carries out her daily duties at the 
Cornelia office of Habersham Bank. ( — Moore) 

Stephanie Miller greets customers as she 

performs her job as a teller at Habersham Bank 

in Clarkesville. (— Moore) 

62 Sail On 

Student I Ifc 63 


5 VV&*. 

e Prote**^ 

ol H*** 

_ B e\o* 

■ % 1*V 

Faculty 65 

Carlton Adams 


Laura Adams 

Getman-Babcock Director 

Reza Ahangar 


Pat Austin 

Communications Room 

Allan Blair 

Business Administration 

66 Sail On 

Sheila Blair 

Development Public 


Curtis Bradford 


Emerson Brooking 


Betty Bryant 

Technical Services 


John Camp 

Head Librarian 

IV Carlo* Camp. Biolog* intlriKtor. pause* K-i.m,- Mr MM tjn\(' >K>»> Ciul Kot>ji.l» K>w i 
hi* aflernoon lab »e**ion | MOON uvm per uvlu jl> MOON 

i .Willi \ 61 

Jean Cappo 

Secretary to Dean of 


Windy Charles 


C.T. Davis 


Patti Dixon 

Director of Campus Life 

Clarence Duncan 


Mrs. Donnis Henderson, Secretary to the Dean, 
smiles as she prepares to greet a student. 

( — Moore) 

Dr. Albert Pleysier, History instructor, searches 

for fossils on the History Society's archeological 

dig. ( — Thompson) 

Mr. Ed Carmack, computers instructor, 
prepares to run a program. ( — Moore) 

68 Sail On 

Kathy Elrod 

Campus Nurse 

Luther Elrod 


Cheryl Goldsleger 


Manuel Gonzalez 


Penny Graber 

Admissions Counselor 

Facufa 69 

David Greene 


Bob Gregory 

Financial Aid Director 

Steve Harwood 

Physical Education 

Vijaya Kandala 


Dennis Kelley 


Dr. James McGuiness prepares to speak to his Mr. Bob Davidson discusses an assignment with one "Papa" Dean Middleton is the PFS Director in charge 
education class. ( — Moore) of his Economics students. ( — Moore) of the Piedmont cafeteria. ( — Gaines) 

70 Sail On 

Marty Kirkland 
Admissions Director 
Lisa Lumpkin 
Fred Maddux 
Social Science 
Ken Melichar 
Stephen Nickle 
Chaplain Religion 


Mr* Carol Parker, the Registrar, prepare* to 
an*wer a student * question Moon- 

Dr Ken Melichar is the P*\cholog\ instructor 
(— Moore) 

Mr Le*i* lindsev Purcell Resident Director 
strolls through the halls ot Piedmont with an 
Mm c 

r present smile M his lac. 

Faculty 71 

Wanda Payne 

Data Entry Clerk 

William Pollard 


David Pratt 


Robert Prowse 


Betty Rogers 


Mr. Thorn Thrower helps Scott Mewborne with Always interacting with students, Mrs. Rachel York 
an economics problem. ( — Moore) shows Joel Massey a family photo album. ( — Moore) 

11 Sail On 

Bill Rush 


Garen Simmons 


Nancy Singer 

Alumni Director 

Ralph Singer 


Richard Stafford 

Speech Drama English 

Dr. Rob Wainberg proudU displays the 
Piedmont Intramural Champ T-shirt he earned. 
( — Moore) 

Mrs. Kathy Wies. Secretary to the President 
surveys the morning's mail. ( — Moore) 

K% \ 


r * 
IfH 1 

1 * ! V 

l:v '1 

loH " , .A 1 


IV Jjmf* WIlKhjmp. \1u>k Jiu1 GOVMM 

Imtnietoi p racti c a l on bIm arpM Mora 

Pu'dmOIlt Sluilll'* \1^v>l I 

Pr U ilium COMM EdMCStHM mHiuiUM 

■raporai io nrwwifi •< doooroom dteeuoolon 

Faculty 73 

Rob Wainberg 


Carol Warren 

Public Relations 

Vickie Webb 

Assistant to Registrar 

John Wester 

Dean of Students 

Max White 


Mr. Bob Gregory, Financial Aid Director, talks 
with Admissions Counselors Craig Tankersley, 
Penny Graber and Renee York about Registration. 
( — Moore) 

74 Sail On 

Mrs. Nancy Carmack. Admissions Secretary, 
checks a prospective student's file. ( — Moore) 

Dr. William Smith. Professor of English, conducts 
a lecture in his History of the English Langauge 
course. (— Moore) 

Mr. Maxie Skinner. Athletic Director, hurries to 
get his morning coffee. ( — Moore) 

\1i IV k Stafford. Assistant Protf *kh of f nghsh 
m.iki-> COpiM ta Mi "f »l I ' 

Pi Sarw Rmmm RmMM o< PtetoMi «•" 

|oyi .1 >pi mg mor iM wi on canpai 

Faculty ~r 

Lion's Roor 



AlP na 



CtUbi 77 

SGA Council 

Jody Cannon, Spring Semester President! Danielle Bachant, Social Chair- 
person) Leroy Whiting, Fall Semester President! Gail Chapman, Vice- 
Presidenti Leah Henderson, Secretary! Amber Ray, Treasurer! NOT PIC- 
TURED: Dr. John Wester, Adviser. ( — Moore) 

CLASS REPRESENTATIVES (Not Pictured): Senior — Danielle Bachant, 
Janet Rooks s Junior — Mike Edwards, Derek Pardue s Sophomore — Matt 
Benson, Pat Lewisi Freshman — Betsy Henderson, Angie Chambers 

Jody Cannon, President 
Spring Semester 

Leroy Whiting, President 
Fall Semester 

Commerce Club 

Membership (Not Pictured): Stephen Allen, Suresh Shakya, Manoj Shresta, 
Arun Bajracharya, Patrick Lama, Monique Agbor, Ken Dietrich, Randy 
Thacker, Michihiro Nagasu, Michelle Fuller, Junko Ono, Lori Payne, Tim 
Lord, Wendy Leung, Scott Mewbourne, Danny Mahaf fey, Kevin Fallin, Billy 
Payne, Von Westmoreland, Edmund Eno, Mark Witherington, Daniel Za- 
borac, Brenda Mewborne. Officers (Not Pictured): Jay Reed, President! 
Ronnie Mullinax, Vice-President! Kin Bajracharya, Secretary/Treasurer-, 
Board Members: Sonya Davidson, Joel Massey, Jewell Gordon! Advisors: 
Dr. Allan Blair, Mr. Thorn Thrower 

78 Sail On 

This year. SGA started an aluminum CM ilrivo on Sonva Dtvtdmt COHMMff ^ lut< Hoard Wmt>«-i r 
campus 10 raise money for the purchase o( new lane* afier a hard day o( classes i MOON 
recreation equipment. ( — Moore) 

ciuhs 79 

Bill Beehler works to unearth artifacts at the site of 
the Historical Society's archeological dig in White 
County. ( — Thompson) 

Tracy Dyer looks over some information about 
the Student Georgia Association of Educators 
(SGAE). ( — Moore) 

Terri Edwards, SGAE Vice-President, takes ad- 
vantage of some free time to catch up on her 
studies. ( — Moore) 

Paul Robards and Dr. Max White get their hands 
dirty. ( — Thompson) 

80 Sail On 

History Society 

tat if id, 

FRONT: Mary Tittle. Paul Robards. President) Tatjana Thompson. Treasur- 
er, Joseph Wheeler. John Noble, BACK: Dr. Max White. Adviser. Matt 
Benson. Dr. Ralph Singer. Adviser; William Morgan. Daryl White. Michael 
Carroll, Secretary; John Stevenson, NOT PICTURED: Dr. Albert Plevsier. 
Adviser, Bill Beehler. Vice-President, Jonathan Barrett. ( — Moore) 

Dr. Pleysier ( — Thompson) Dr. Singer takes a break. ( — Thompsoi 



Dr. Jam- Mclerrin. H'At fcdhrtM 

IGAI M fw bWI (Not Pictured HjPflaHl Robert* Prendeni. Inn u 
ward*. Vice Pr a rt da M i lem Hofeoadk, ^.m.-ijh | 

Historian, CtiMt) Talle*. Su»an IoWMM \f9K\ Dyai HaM Horn Julie 
DaMln.NaiKs Haru-n Slu-il.. AdMM. Kin Simmemon oavla DM lue \ fi 

m Howard Mkhaal Carrel. Am) fard Ni • iurn*f.ka> 

Edwardi Mar) lawdh— Lara Laa ran Oaai ladl FaM Dartitraani 
Pabo ra h Irvm, Omm Daaa Wandl Halfta tmm 
drtwi raraai Fard Danra Martin Kaa 

Chibi SI 

Psychology Club 

Jody Cannon, Kristin Hobgood, Janice Gaither, Brenda Rush. Dr. Emerson 
Brooking, Adviseri Wanda Dawson, Tony Higdon, Robin Tipton. Scott 
Wiersom NOT PICTURED: Cindy Stonecypher, Debbie Charles, Renee 
Loudermilk, Roberta Callahan, Tora McDuffie, Chenelle Raines, Diane 
Wall, Tina Hunnicutt. Barbara Isbell. 


Ram Dongol, Suresh Shakya, Signor Rana, Rohit Duvadie, Laura Edney. 
Treasurers Gail Chapman, President; Manoj Shrestha, Patrick Lama, Bon- 
nie Young, Social/Activities Coordinator; Jill Shedd, Vice-President; Dr. 
Vijaya Kandala, Adviser; NOT PICTURED: Pam Murray, Secretary; Arun 
Bajracharya, Rohit Duvadie, Kerry Mote, Jay Mudbhary, Boon Sun Ong, 
Umesh Upadhyay, Mr. William Rush, Adviser; Dr. Reza Ahangar, Adviser. 

Dr. Kandala Mr. Rush Dr. Ahangar 

82 Sail On 

Pam A Murray. Main Phy*ic* Club Secreiary. Janice 6a it her head* lor home -slier a lull da> ol 
plan* her cour»e* for next MfflMtK | Moore | dMMI CMM 

Mt Wier*on lake* lime oui lot .1 phOM • 

Chibi B3 


FRONT: Cyndi Wood, Lisa Butler, Robin Tipton, Bonita Bagley, Lynette 
Finch, Jennifer Charles, Eric Dickerson, Matt Benson> BACK: Donna 
Cleveland, Evan Charles, Margaret Zadel, Brad Brown, Rick Austin, Ray 

Chapel Choir 

FRONT: Dr, James Mellichamp, Accompanists Anne Born, Susan Austin, 
Margaret Zadel. Lisa Butler, Jennifer Charles, Evan Charles, Mr. Robert 
Prowse, Directon BACK: Robin Tipton, Bonita Bagley, Leroy Whiting, Beth 
Vest, Cyndi Wood, Mary Tittle, Lynette Finch, Matt Benson, Donna Cleve- 
land, Eric Dickerson. NOT PICTURED: Page Alberts, David Boswinkle, 
Rhonda Purcell. Margaret Stabler, Anthony Teasley, Julie Tucker, Keith 

84 Sail On 

Members of the Chapel Choir perform the Anthem at Piedmont Studies. 


Members of the Chamber Singers perform at 
Graduation. (Moore) 

Dr. James Mellichamp accompanies the Chapel 
Choir on the organ, and also directs the Chamber 
Singers. (Moore) 

dubf S5 

Lion's Roar 

NEWSPAPER STAFF: John Stevenson. Staff Writer, Tatjana Thompson. 
Editor, Jonathon Noble, Staff Writer, NOT PICTURED: Scott Murray. Ad 
Sales, Mr. Dick Stafford, Advisor. (-Moore) 

Vann Trotter, Newspaper Sports Chuck Gaines, Newspaper Photo- 
Writer. (-Moore) grapherjody Cannon, Yearbook 




YEARBOOK STAFF, Rob Moore, Managing Editor, and Jennifer Martin. 
Design Editor (Above), Lesley Bennett (Above), Business Manager, April 
Anderson, Assistant Editor, Tatjana Thompson, Chuck Gaines, Jody Can- 
non, and Christi Woodham, Photographers, Tracy Mathews, and Bobby 

86 Sail On 


Rob Moore. Yearbook Managing Editor, lakes a 
moment lo relax (Crump) 

April Anderson. Assistant Yearbook Editor. 
works hard to sort pictures to finish the book. 

"You mean the yearbook meeting is todav ?" asks 
a distressed Tracy Mathews 

dwell Gaines. Yearbook NawapapO) Pha t OOJl 

pher. gets caught at his own game Cannon 

Bobby Posner enlists the help ot Todd GtM 
lamim Uheolet U aiuia Paw son. Susan Austin 

.nui tockit Stand to talaei pou-nn.ii yaarbooh 
I pktarai Maori 

Clubf B7 

Lynette Finch, BSU Fellowship Chairperson, studies on 
Piedmont's center lawn. (Gaines) 

Wendy Wilson works in the Getman-Babcock flow- Members of the Piedmont Baptist Student Union 
er beds to help beautify the campus. (-Cannon) visit a meeting of the Truett-McConnell BSU in 

Cleveland. (-Brooks) 

Carol Pence, Rhonda Purcell, Vickie Webb and 
Kristal Stafford perform a scene from "Steel Mag- 
nolias." (-Stafford) 

Sail On 

Jewell Gordon. Tammy McDamel. Beth V«|. Anthony Teasley. Donna Cleveland, trie Did 
Missions Chairman, Lynene finch. fellowship Chairperson, Tim lord. Malt Benson. President. 
Loyce Martin. Ben Ca«h. Gail Chapman. Vice-President, Julie Tucker. Doug Register. NOT PtC 
TURED Bomta Bagley. Music Drama Chairperson, Mr Hal WAinson. Advisor. Cathy Thurmond. 
Heather Anderson. Rick Austin. Jennifer Charles. Yukiko komamura. Amber Ray. Bobfct Posner. 
Wendy Wilson. Danielle Bachani. Dexter Sanders. Jason Moore 

Drama Program 

L"W to the large number of partii ipant* in 

IMI WOVtodrnm frmpradactloM h 

evhau»tive h>l »a* ivot lOmiMled b*c«o»* 
of the probability ol MCidMttl »' 

Clubs 09 




Data Processing Management Association: John Stevenson, Joseph 
Wheeler, Tim Brown, Marty Veal. NOT PICTURED: Dr. Ed Carmack, Advis- 

Torch Club 

Torch Club: Terri Edwards, Deborah Irvin, Elizabeth Marsh, Kimberli Sim- 

Alpha Chi 

Alpha Chi: Jill Shedd, Roberta Callahan, Ken Dietrich, Terri Edwards, 
Jennifer Charles, Deborah Irvin, Jane Chitwood, NOT PICTURED: Verna 
Howard, Ryan Melton, Arun Bajracharya, Umesh Upadhyay, Robin Tipton, 
Manoj Shrestha, Dr. James Mellichamp, Adviser. 

90 Sail On 

Joseph Wheeler takes a minui 
DPMA problem. (— Moore) 

3 think about a 

Jill Shedd. Jane Chitwood and Arun Bajracharya 
accept their Alpha Chi certificates from Dr. Mel- 
lichamp and Dr. Adams at Honors Day. (— 


Ryan Melton receives his Alpha CM certificate Robin I ipton. Mm Mplu c M membei I jk«-> j >n oil 

.lu'uiu! >. ampus v. MM 

Members of Alpha Chi are recognized for their 

•ccompMohmonti -it Honon Do) Moon 

Clubs 91 



Manic Skim* MMrtk Dlrtctoi 

Sporti 93 


94 Sail On 

Tiffiany Cantrell returns the serve of her Truett- 
McConnell opponent. (— Moore) 

Rhonda Carr watches as LeAnn Bagwell, Betsy 
Henderson and Teresa Wood braid Dackri Da- 
vis's hair for the big game. ( — Moore) 

Sports 95 

Tonya McCoy prepares to slam a Shorter pitch. 
( — Moore) 

During a pre-game warm-up, Richard York shows 
just how high he can jump. ( — Moore) 

LEFT: Angie Chambers looks for some down- 
court assistance. ( — Moore) 
CENTER: Ray Kelly prepares for a match with 
Truett-McConnell. ( — Moore) 

RIGHT: Craig Gee watches as Eugene Ludlam pre- 
pares the field for a game. (— Moore) 

<^ ft 


=-- v 

96 Sail On 

Lady Lions 

LeighAnn Johnson, Coach Brad Simmons, Betsy Henderson. April Ander- 
son. Dackri Davis, Chnsti Woodham. Angie Smith, Rhonda Carr. Angie 
^^ Chambers. Tonya McCoy. Assistant Coach Rick Austin, NOT PICTURED 

Pat Lewis. Bonnie Brown, Laura Edney, Chenelle Raines. Dannette Bowers. 
Stacey Spruell, Manager. 

Sports 97 


Jimmy Whelchel, Ricky Woodruff, Mike Williams, Tim Arrendale, Darren 
Volke, Mike Edwards, Chris Price, Shane Bray, Jason Freeman. NOT PIC- 
TURED: Coach Steve Harwood, Assistant Coaches Skip Johnston and 
Derek Lovins; Randy Fordham, Chris Ludwig, Derek Pardue, Craig Gee, 
Jeff Bryan, Eugene Ludlam, Patrick Mayfield, Jim Bishop, Richie Jordan, 
Mike Jasperse, Jamie Cleveland, Billy Miller, Rodney Allen, Raymond Kent, 
Jeff Jenkins, Tom Johnson, John Krippner, Kenny Haney, Greg McCall, 
Jeff Winters, John Hedgecough, Terrell Yelverton. 

■ E|'a% 



mm t 

■Ski *^ i 


Tw8mB : 

Softball: Sandi Bagley, Dackri Davis, Leah Henderson, Andi Gillelandi NOT 
PICTURED: Gina Martin, Cindy Holman, Julie Denard, Betsy Henderson, 
Judy Nichols, Bonnie Brown, Trina Freeman, Teresa Wood, LeAnn Bagwell, 
Tracy Mathews, Kim Harris, Miki Howard, Janet Rooks, Kerry Ward, Karla 
Watson, Stacey Spruell, Tammy McDaniel, Coach Alfred Stroud, Assistant 
Coach Bobby Jones. 

Coach Steve Harwood Coach Alfred Stroud 

98 Sail On 


LEFT: Andi Gilleland concentrates on the game. ( — 

RIGHT: Christi Woodham, Tonya Mccoy and Betsy 
Henderson take on the North Georgia Lady Saints. 
(— Moore) 

BELOW: The Piedmont Diamond Lions await some 
action at Truett- McConnell. (— Moore) 

FAR RIGHT: Rhonda Carr keeps score during a soft- 
ball game. ( — Moore) 

BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Skinner talks with the 
Lions during a time- out. (— Moore) 

BOTTOM RIGHT: Miki Howard prepares for a hit. 

( — Moore) 

Barry Dooley, Coach Ralph "Buzz" Singer. Tim Brown, NOT PICTURED 
Danny Ling. Mary Curry. Tiffiany Cantrell. Jennifer Dean. Scott Wierson. 
Ray Kelly. 


Jame* Grimshaw. Trent Frick*. Richard York, NOT PICTURED Dann\ 
Mahaffey. Leroy Whiting. Coach Maxie Skinner 

iMwa HvdM 




a ^ C \ Student* ***** <nen d*. " gC o» a» 

sponsored- Stu lSl0 n. »o ^fcj. C d . 

school '^o**^ " ETW "»«* arC ! Ca*-o *£ 
Honor* ™ " ^ nclod e d.i«* ^ slu)i ent* * 


Student l Ifc 103 

In Memoriam 

Sail On 105 


Volume 70 of the Piedmont College Yonahian 
yearbook was printed in Montgomery, AL, by 
Herff Jones Publishing. This year, the spine size 
was increased from 7 3 A" by 10 Vi" to 8 V2" by II". 
The cover is company stock with a school-insert- 
ed photograph. The printing is on 80-weight 
enamel paper stock. Division headlines are in 
Freehand-, regular headlines are in Chelsea Black; 
subheadlines are Avante Garde Demi Italic; body 
copy is in Optima; captions are in Lydian. Indi- 
vidual portraits were taken by Olan Mills Studios. 
Other photographers are identified in parenthe- 
ses following each caption. 

Special Thanks 

This yearbook is almost complete. It has been 
my personal ambition to make this annual the 
best in Piedmont history. At this point, I think it 
would be appropriate to mention a few people 
who have helped me make this book a reality. 

Ms. Patti Dixon became our adviser after the 
start of school, so she was caught almost unpre- 
pared for yearbook work. During the course of 
the year, however, Patti has shown her willing- 
ness to assist us. 

Jennifer Martin, Design Editor, has been of 
invaluable help to me as a sounding board for 
ideas, a designer, and a long-time friend. April 
Anderson, Assistant Editor, has shown that she is 
really eager to work on the yearbook. On several 
occasions during the summer, April gave up her 
free time to help me finish the book. Bruce Hart- 
ley is our representative from Herff- Jones, and 
he has been at our meetings faithfully every two 
weeks and several times during the summer to 
provide valuable input and assistance. 

I would also like to extend my gratitude to 
anyone who has contributed in any way to the 
production of this yearbook. 

Rob Moore 
Yonahian Managing Editor 

TOP: Design Editor Jennifer Martin and Assistant Editor April Anderson goof 
off after a yearbook staff meeting. ( — Moore) 

BOTTOM: Patti Dixon explains the photography schedule to Olan Mills Pho- 
tographer Don Griner. ( — Moore) 

106 Sail On 

Bruce Hartley, our representative from Herff-Jones, regularly attends 
meetings to assist us in the production of the yearbook. (— Moore) 

Lesley Bennett, Business Manager, pauses to smile for the e 

M far- 

Jody Cannon. Photographer for the »taff , can't believe 
picture. ( Moore) 

has taken her 

>siiii Kot- Moon iti torn .^.nn 

Special Hunks k v 

Local News and Happenings 

— New Wal-Mart Shopping Center opened in- 
cluding Food Lion, First Commerce Supermar- 
ket Bank, Lisa's Specialty Shop, Sherwood's 
Jewelry, Cato, Cato Plus, Habersham One-Hour 
Photo, Video Attractions, The Bamboo House 
Restaurant and Pic-N-Pay Shoes. 

— New Cornelia Post Office opened in ren- 
ovated Cornelia Plaza near Sears, Cornelia Pla- 
za Restaurant, The Book Store and L- Mart. 

— Habersham County's first female law en- 
forcement officers began work: Mrs. Nell 
Goss, Habersham County Sheriff's Depart- 
ment-, Ms. Stephanie Edge, Cornelia Police De- 

— Cale Thomason, a 19 year-old Cornelia fire- 
fighter, was killed after falling into an aban- 
doned well while fighting a 2:30 AM fire at a 
long-vacant house. Also a volunteer firefighter 
for Baldwin, Cale had been named that city's 
"Fireman of the Year" for 1989. Two area resi- 
dents have since been arrested and charged 
with arson and felony murder in Thomason's 

— Demorest Police Chief Charlie Smith re- 
tired. Greg EHingson, at that time a Cornelia 
policeman, was chosen to replace Smith. In the 
months to follow, the department purchased 
an additional patrol car (a Mustang) and added 
Officer Clinton Jones as a patrolman. 

— A late-night, fall tornado ravaged the Alley's 
Chapel Community in northern Habersham 
County. Numerous homes were destroyed, and 
the area in the path of the storm was basically 

— Fieldale poultry leader Lee Arrendale and 
his wife were killed in an early-afternoon crash 
of their twin-engine plane near the Piedmont 
College Golf Course on Friday, March 9, 1990. 

108 Sail On 

Mini Mig 109 

National News 

What's In 

TELEVISION: The Simpsons 

Marsha Warfield 
MOVIES: "Dick Tracy" 

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" 
"Days of Thunder" 
SEQUELS: "Die Harder" 
"Gremlins 2" 
MUSIC: MC Hammer 
Taylor DAyne 
New Kids on the Block 
OTHER: Soft drink "cool cans" 

Sporty American cars (Berettas, Es- 
cort GTs) 
In with fans, out with critics: 
Rock Group 1 Live Crew 

Famous Farewells 

Alvin Ailey 
Billy Martin 
Ava Gardner 
A. Bartlett Giamatti 
Robert Penn Warren 
Irvin Berlin 
Barbara Stanwyck 
Del Shannon 
Malcolm S. Forbes 
Sarah Vaughan 
Walter Percy 
Jim Henson 
Sammy Davis, Jr. 
Vic Tayback 
Rex Harrison 
Irving Wallace 
Ralph Norwood 

110 Sail On 


NY Yankees Manager 


Baseball Commissioner 




Rock and Roll Singer 


Jazz Singer 


Muppet Creator 



English Actor 


Atlanta Falcon 

Other News 

— Billionaire Donald I rump split. Alleged third 
party is Dalton, GA's own Maria Maples. 

— The Berlin Wall fell in a historic step toward 
German reunification. 

— Rock and roll superstar Gloria Estefan suf- 
fered serious injuries when her touring bus was 
involved in a wreck. Doctors predict a full re- 

— Georgians are growing accustomed to the 
state's new 1990 automobile license plates, 
which feature a Georgia Peach. 

— Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life 
because of illegal gambling. 

— Voyager II left the solar system. 

— Hurricane Hugo, one of the fiercest storms 
of the decade, devastated Gaudeloupe, Mon- 
terrat, St. Croix, Puerto Rico and Charleston. 

— San Francisco was struck by a severe earth- 
quake on October 17, 1989. 

— Operation "Just Cause" the largest U.S. 
military operation since Vietnam, forced Dic- 
tator Manuel Noriega from power in Panama. 

— African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela 
was finally freed from captivity. 

— Saturday Night Live celebrated its 15th sea- 

Scott Murray and Hank Strom engage in a serious 
game of Chess. ( — Moore) 

Jimmy Cash and Tammy McDaniel talk to a friend 
after Piedmont Studies. ( — Moore) 


ID Sail On 

Cross with Care 

A common problem for those 
students who arrive just before 
class is finding parking spaces. 
Generally, the parking lots near 
the Student Center, Getman- 
Babcock Dorm, and on the road 
between the Piedmont Chapel 
and the cafeteria fill up first. 

Students who arrive later usu- 
ally find that they must find a 
spot for their car in one of the 
lots on the other side of Highway 
441. Although both of these lots 
are well-maintained, they are 
still across the highway from 

After finding a parking space, 
students must then wait for a 
break in traffic so that they can 
cross the very busy commercial 
route. At times, the wait for a 

Susan Austin catches up on the latest Piedmont 
news in "The Lion's Roar." ( — Moore) 

Terri Edwards smiles as she walks to her first 
class of the day. ( — Moore) 

chance to cross can be as long as 
five minutes. 

A common joke at Piedmont is 
that someone is going to be run 
over by a chicken truck. This, 
however, may not be a joke 
much longer — it is getting too 
close to reality. Please use care 
when crossing 441! 

Gina Martin. Michael Williams and Cmd\ 
Holman three good friends uki- .1 t<iok 
from a busy day ( Moore) 

Student Lift 113 

Jewell Gordon, Queen; Mike Edwards, King) and 
Jody Cannon, Queen 

Members of the Homecoming Court participate 
in the thrift store fashion show. ( — Thompson) 

Homecoming Finalists: Matt Benson, Jody Can- 
non, Mike Edwards, Kristie Zimmerman, Ken Die- 
trich, Jackie Stancil, Skip Johnston, Jewell Gor- 
don ( — Moore) 

114 Sail On 

Homecoming 1989 

Homecoming Court: BACK — Leah Henderson. Jody Cannon, Tracy Mathews. Lesley Bennett, Kristie Zim- 
merman. Jackie Stancil. Jennifer Charles, Bonita Bagley. Jewell Gordon; FRONT — Matt Benson. Chuck 
Gaines. Richard York, Mike Edwards. Ken Dietrich. Skip Johnston, Shannon Floyd. | — Moore 

"Piedmont Pride" was the 
theme of Homecoming 1989, which 
was held on Saturday, October 14, 
1989. The day began with a "P" 
Club business meeting, followed by 
a picnic lunch. 

After lunch, the Homecoming 
Court was presented to the crowd. 
The court included Bonita Bagley, 
Matt Benson, Lesley Bennett, Jody 
Cannon, Jennifer Charles, Ken Die- 
trich, Mike Edwards, Shannon 
Floyd, Chuck Gaines, Jewell Gor- 
don, Leah Henderson, Skip John- 
ston, Tracy Mathews, Jackie Stan- 
cil, Richard York and Kristie Zim- 

Dr. Garen Simmons followed the 
presentation of the court with his 
State of the College Address. Then 

the crowd was entertained by the 
Fort Mountain Boys, a popular 
country and pop band. Also during 
the afternoon, the Alumni Associ- 
ation held its annual meeting and 
election of officers. 

At 3:00 pm, the Piedmont base- 
ball team faced Truett-McConnell 
on the newly renovated Diamond 
Lions Field. That evening, a lyceum 
featuring Donna Roll was held in 
the school chapel. Following the 
concert, the Homecoming Dance 
was held, and the court winners 
were announced: Mike Edwards, 
King; Jody Cannon and Jewell Gor- 
don, Queens; Jackie Stancil, Matt 
Benson, Kristie Zimmerman. Ken 
Dietrich, and Skip Johnston. 

Homecoming 115 

When Students Get Bored, 
They Want the DJ to 

Let the Music Play 

Dances are an important ex- 
tracurricular activity at Pied- 
mont College. Periodically, the 
school sponsors organized 
dances to allow students to in- 
teract and to release tension. 
Each dance has a somewhat dif- 
ferent format. 

This year, the following 
dances have been held at Pied- 
mont: the Homecoming dance? a 
fall dance with marshmallow 
roast and hayride-, the Christ- 
mas semi-formal dance at the 

Cornelia Community House-, a Jan- 
uary "Welcome Back" dance; the 
Valentine's semi-formal dance at 
the Cornelia Community House; 
MORP (prom spelled backwards), a 
dance featuring thrift store cloth- 
ing; a lawn dance; and the Spring 
Formal at the Georgia Mountains 
Center in Gainesville. 

Disc-jockeys for this year in- 
cluded Freddie Luka (alias "Fast 
Freddie" of WAPW, Power 99 in 
Atlanta), Piedmont College's own 
"Bubba", and Randy Crump of 
"Sound Alternative" in Cornelia. 
Compact discs and laser videos 
have gradually begun to replace 
cassettes as dance music. 

Dances are an important part of 
the college social experience for 
students. They provide opportuni- 
ties for meeting other students 
and making new friends. Although 
the music changes with time, the 
purpose of dances remains the 

Bridget Rose and Barbara Blackwell — gettin' down 
at the January Welcome Back Dance. ( — Moore) 

Todd Gant, Wanda Dawson, Bill Beehler and 

Mark McCoy pose for a group photo at the 

Valentine's Dance. ( — Olan Mills) 

Vickie demons. Sandy Joiner, Rob Moore and 

Krista McRae — four good friends enjoy the 

Valentine's Dance. ( — Olan Mills) 

116 Sail On 

Wanda Dawson and Bill Beehler try some new steps 
at the Valentine's Dance. ( — Moore) 

Danette Bowers. Maria Costello, Tonya Anderson. 
Leah Henderson, Tyler Lee, Craig Gee, Lewis Lane 
and Daniel Brigman watch the Dating Game. ( — 
Olan Mills) 

William Aker. Miles Merritt, Octavius Mulligan. John 
Knppner . Chris Price and Randy Fordham strut their 
stuff at the Christmas Dance. ( — Moore) 

118 Sail On 

Dance Fever 

Milli Vanilli, Taylor Dayne, 
Paula Abdul, Biz Markie, Skid 
Row, Warrant . . . the list of pop- 
ular music acts could go on and 
on. These are only a few of the 
musicians who have been popu- 
lar during this school year. There 
are probably almost as many dif- 
ferent opinions about music as 
there are students at Piedmont. 

Although neither features a 
pop/80's format, two new radio 
stations have emerged in Haber- 
sham County this year. WCON, 
a long-established AM/FM sta- 
tion, moved into a new studio, 
increased its FM output to 
50,000 watts, and separated pro- 
gramming into an AM easy-lis- 
tening format and an FM station 
featuring a primarily country 

Chris Price and John Krippner show off their new 
dance sreps (or is that hops?). ( — Moore) 

Miles Met r in and Mario Miller give their approv 
al to the MORP Dance. ( — Moore) 

format. WMJE, MAJIC 103, based 
in Clarkesville, became that 
city's first FM station. After fac- 
ing delays caused by vandalism 
of its antenna tower, the station 
began broadcasting in the 
spring. MAJIC 103 features music 
and newscasts aimed at people 
age 30 and older. 

lewis Lane and Jennifer Martin m |o| J riOM 
dance Ji the Janu.«r\ Uekoiiu- Bach P . 


Pan! Pivon eowdoc M tru- Datini Sum •>• the 
VoknUw'i Dane* 



DO Sail On 

Human Nature 

You prepare to leave your 
dorm room, realizing that you 
are going to be late for class for 
the second time this week (and 
it's only Wednesday!). What ex- 
cuse can you use this time? 

Your professor is not going to 
believe that your mom drove all 
the way up from Atlanta to make 
sure you finished all your scram- 
bled eggs, oat bran and orange 
juice. How about telling him you 
couldn't find a parking space? 
No, that was the excuse you 
used Monday. 

You enter the hallway, ap- 
proaching the doorway to the 
classroom. SLAM! The door to 

Jodi White. Susan Austin and Tara Walter, three 
Habersham County commuters, watch the guys 
go by. ( — Moore) 

Matt Williams. Jeff Winters, Skip Johnston and 
Kelhe Partain provide comedy relief at the bas 
ketball game. ( — Moore) 

your class is locked and you've 
just managed to miss another 

So that your effort won't be a 
total loss, you go down to the 
Student Center to study. As you 
enter the building, your friend 
yells for you to come over and 
shoot a game of pool. One thing 
leads to another and you forget 
that you are there to study. 

An hour elapses before you 
know it, and suddenly you throw 
down the pool cue, realizing that 
you are almost late for your next 
class. As you near the classroom, 
you realize that your books are 
still in the Student Center. It's 
going to be one of those days. 
Human nature has reared its ugly 
face again. 

Bobby Lett smiles after a Lions basketball vtCtO 

Student I ifc 

Dating Pointers 

Do's and Don'ts of Dating 

There are many important 
steps that should be followed in 
order to have a good date. Al- 
though some steps apply specifi- 
cally to men or to women most 
are universal. 

Don't forget that you have a 

Be sure to take a shower. 

Don't be too cheap (a picnic is 
fine, but don't make your date 
split a hotdog with you). 

Don't wear old work clothes 
(she can tell the difference be- 
tween your new faded jeans and 
your farm jeans). 

Don't tell your date, "Your 
mother dresses you funny." 

Don't be late for the date. 

Be sure to wear deodorant (or 
you might have to shower 

Lisa Williams can't believe that she forgot to do 
her homework for Dr. Blair. ( — Moore) 

Jim Gallagher, Wes Landers and Joel Massey en- 
joy a friendly game of flag football. ( — Stafford) 


Pick an appropriate place to 
take your date (Guys: a place 
that features female mud wres- 
tling might not be too popular 
with your date). 

Don't go to pick up your date 
on a bicycle. 

Don't wear too much cologne 
or perfume. 

Don't drive too fast (you 
would hate to get a ticket with 
your date in the car). 

Don't say, "Oops! I left my 
wallet at home. Can you loan me 
fifty dollars?" 

Do your best to have a good 
time (no matter how bad the 
food at the restaurant was). 

Pam Murray looks forward to her next class. ( — 

Scott studies outside on a pretty fall afternoon. | Jay Reed enjoys a sunny summer afternoon by 

— Stafford) the pool. ( — Moore) 

Ginger Rum«ey watche* a tense pool match lacktf SiancH \w\\<> Sttva Farit) with hk pool ahoi 

Moore ) \l. 

Student Life 123 

Commuters to Piedmont College 
Continually Find Themselves 

On the Road Again 

Consider this scenario: you are a 
commuter from the southern part 
of Stephens County. After getting 
up late, you realize that you only 
have 30 minutes to get to your 9:00 
class at Piedmont. You rush out the 
door and jump into your car, hop- 
ing the Georgia State Patrol 
doesn't have a speed trap between 

Kim Simmemon listens as her friend tells about her 
day. ( — Moore) 

Rhonda Carr prepares to swipe the balloons at the 
Homecoming Dance, ( — Moore) 

your house and school. 

Your trip is fairly uneventful ex- 
cept for having to pass a few slow 
cars. In fact, things are going quite 
well, and it is only 8:49. As you 
round the curve by Demorest Lake, 
you feel confident that you're go- 
ing to be early. 

One factor you have not consid- 

ered is where you are going to find 
a parking space. You try the lot be- 
side the Student Center, but it is 
full. You proceed on up the drive- 
way beside the chapel, hoping 
even for an empty faculty space 
Finally, after almost getting hit be a 
chicken truck, you find a space on 
the other side of 441. 

D4 Sail On 

Student l Iff \^ 

D6 Sail On 

Student Life 127 

Taking a Gamble at Casino Night 

Casino Night was held on 
Tuesday, April 10, 1990, from 7pm 
to 10pm in the Student Center. 
Each person who attended the 
event was given $25,000 in play 
money which could be "gam- 
bled" at Blackjack, Roulette and 
the Wheel of Fortune. 

Equipment and professional 
dealers were brought in from a 
party company in Atlanta. Dr. 
John Wester, Dean of Students, 
also dealt Blackjack, while Ms. 
Patti Dixon, Director of Student 
Life, ran the Wheel of Fortune. 

Over 100 students participat- 
ed in the event which climaxed 
in an auction for $250 in prizes. 
Each person received a voucher 
with which to bid on a prize. 

Mark McCoy, Michael Carroll and Daniel 

Brigman try their luck at the Roulette table. 

(— Moore) 

"This is my spot." ( — Moore) 

"I'm about to start the auction. How much do I 

hear for the Code-A-Phone answering Everyone studies the table before the wheel is Students try their luck at Dr. Westers Blackjack 

machine?" (— Moore) spun. (— Moore) table. ( — Moore) 

Ms. Pam v.niM.i Dixon prop o r o i to ipki tho Ms Pom) Orabor KitntmkOM ComrooIoi 
Mfhool of FortwM I Moor* practices her pool tooting •*.■». boforo 

Nmht boglM Moon 

Student Lite \29 

A Night of Music, Video & Food 

Spring Formal Held In Gainesville 

The 1990 Spring Formal was 
held on Friday, April 20th, from 
8:30 until midnight at the Geor- 
gia Mountains Center in Gaines- 
ville. Music and videos were pro- 
vided by "Sound Alternative" of 
Cornelia. DJs for the evening 
were Randy Crump, Rob Moore 
and Doug Ward. 

Decorations for the evening 
were coordinated by Danielle 
Bachant, Activities Chairperson 
for the Piedmont Student Gov- 
ernment Association. Items used 
to decorate included black and 
white balloons, silver masks and 
silver streamers over black plas- 

Professional photography was 
provided by Rudeseal and Asso- 
ciates Photography of Cornelia. 

ABOVE: "The Guys" enjoy the festivities. (— 
Moore) BELOW: Eddie Brock and Lesley Bennett 
look like they are having a good time at the 
dance. ( — Moore) 

Jerry Cox and Betsy Henderson: gettin' down to 
the beat. (— Moore) 

Loyce Martin prepares to take some of the deco- 
rations after the dance. (— Moore) 

130 Sail On 

Rob Moore takes lime oul Irom his job M f9tt 
hook phoio^taphei Mid assisiam l\l 10 socialize 
with Rhonda Carr and loma McCO) Crump 

Spring Formal 131 

Students Honored April 11th 

On Wednesday, April 11, 1990, 
more than 200 students were hon- 
ored for their accomplishments at 
Piedmont College. 

Julie Tucker received the H. M. 
Stewart Award of Excellence and ac- 
cepted a trophy from President Sim- 
mons and Mr. Charles Miller and Mr. 
Bill Loyd of Community Bank & Trust. 
Another important award was pre- 
sented to Mr. Dick Stafford who re- 
ceived the Sears-Roebuck Founda- 
tion Teaching Excellence and Cam- 
pus Leadership Award for his work as 
an English, drama and speech teacher 
and for his work in reviving the Pied- 
mont College drama program. 

President Simmons presented cer- 
tificates to 19 students named to 
"Who's Who Among Students in 
American Colleges and Universities." 
Then Mrs. Carol Parker, Registrar, 
announced the names of the 28 stu- 
dents who would be graduating with 

honors in May. Dr. James Mellichamp 
then announced the 14 students who 
were selected for Alpha Chi member- 

Ms. Martha Cantrell, President of 
the Torch Club, invited Deborah Irvin 
and Kimberli Simmemon, both of Ha- 
bersham County, to membership in 
the organization. Torch awards went 
to Elizabeth Marsh and Terri Edwards. 

Mr. Robert Gregory, Director of Fi- 
nancial Aid, presented scholarships to 
many students. Camp Younts scholar- 
ships were awarded to Arun Bajra- 
charya, Matt Benson, Jerry Cox, Rohit 
Duvadie, Joseph Elder, Bridgett Mar- 
cus, Kerry Mote, Mary Tittle, Melissa 
Walls, Umesh Upadhyay, Cynthia 
Wood, Darren Volk and Richard York. 

Flint Scholarships went to Stephen 
Allen, Darla Brown, Gail Chapman, 
Johnny Coxx, Elizabeth Marsh and 
Rob Moore. Individual name scholar- 
ships were awarded to Crissy Talley, 

Stephanie Miller, Paul Robards, Kim- 
berly Hudson, Pam A. Murray, Wendy 
Wilson, Lesa Gabrels, Tom Nixon and 
Jeff Lewallen. 

Mrs. Nancy Singer, Alumni Direc- 
tor, presented Alumni Memorial 
Scholarships to Amber Ray, Tatjana 
Thompson, Lynette Finch, Kim Sim- 
memon, Tracy Dyer, Mimi D'Entre- 
mont and Kathleen McDuffie. Dr. 
Reza Ahangar presented the Mary L. 
Griggs Scholarship to Jill Shedd. 

Departmental awards were given to 
69 students by department chairmen. 
Dr. John Wester, Dean of Students, 
then presented Meritorious Service 
Awards to the SGA Officers and the 
RA's for their work during the school 

Mr. Clarence Duncan announces the recipient of President Simmons holds the school trophy as Mr. Charles Miller of Community Bank 6 Trust presents 
the Accounting Award. (— Moore) Julie Tucker with the H. M. Stewart Award of Excellence. (— Moore) 

I32 Sail On 

Professor Dick Stafford received the Sears-Roebuck Foundation Teaching 
Excellence and Campus Leadership Award. (—Moore) 

Darla Brown. Stephen Allen. Gail Chapman. 
Johnny Coxx. Rob Moore and Elizabeth Marsh 
received Flint Scholarships. (— barren 

Nancy Barrett. Danielle Bachant. Rick Austin. 
Ken Dietrich. Henrietta Roberts and Julie 
Tucker were among 19 students named to 
"Who's Who Among Students in American 
Colleges t Universities. " 

Julie Tucker and President Garen Simmons 
pose with the school's H M Stewart AwjrJ ot 
Excellence trophv | Moore 

Ninety-Third Commencement Held 

Graduation exercises were held on 
Sunday, May 13, 1990, in the Piedmont 
College Chapel. Approximately 86 stu- 
dents received their Baccalaureate de- 
grees. Several honorary doctoral de- 
grees were also conferred. 

President Garen Simmons, assisted by 
Dean Carlton Adams, awarded the 
Bachelor of Arts degree to 83 students 
and the Bachelor of Science degree to 
three students. Those people receiving 
honorary doctorates were Prescott S. 
Bush, Jr., Doctor of Laws; John C. Foster, 
Doctor of Laws; Glenn C. Bell, Doctor of 
Business Administration; and Thelma 
Neufeld, Doctor of Business Adminis- 
tration. Paul E. Anderson received the 
honorary Doctor of Education degree, 
but was unable to attend the ceremony. 

Prescott S. Bush, Jr. delivered the 
commencement address entitled, 
"Making a Difference." The address was 
followed by a song from the Piedmont 
College Chamber Singers, under the di- 
rection of Mr. Robert Prowse. 

Students receiving the Bachelor of 
Arts degree were Laura Adams, Sheila 
Adams, Darren Anderson, Brad Ash, 
Danielle Bachant, Kin Bajracharya, Nan- 
Mr. Glenn C. Bell. Mr. Prescott S. Bush. Jr., and Mrs. 
Thelma Neufeld prepare to enter the chapel for the 
ceremony. ( — Moore) 

Members of Piedmont's faculty line up for the 1990 
Commencement Exercises. ( — Moore) 

Bruce Waters of Toccoa uses the time before Gradu- 
ation to catch up on school news in "The Lion's 
Roar." (— Moore) 

cy Barrett, Lillian Barrs, Jill M. Batson, 
Janet Baxley, Anne Born, John Brewer, 
Vance Brown, Debbie Burrell, Jeff 
Casper, Cheree Chandler, Jennifer 
Charles, Danny Chitwood, Thomas 
Crosby, Darlene Cross, Julie Daffin, So- 
nya Davidson, Ken Dietrich, Jennifer 
Dodd, James Dooley, Susan Duckett, 
Chip Duncan, Jeannine Estes, Jeanette 
Fain, Angela Fitzpatrick, Steven Flem- 
ing, Renota Free, James Fulbright, 
Jewell Gordon, Timothy Goss, Joyce 
Griffin, Michael Griner, Donald Har- 
ris, Robin Hicks, Verna Howard, Tina 
Hunnicutt, Christopher Kennedy, 
Scotty Kersh, Rajendra Khadayat, E. 
Lee King, Saranya Kusawadee, Neil 
Landers, Mary Landrum, Kurt Lang- 
ston, Lara Lee, Alice Loudermilk, 
Derek Lovins, Kimberly Massey, Luis 
Matos, Tammy McDaniel, Todd 
McDuffie, Gail Nix, Charles Nord- 
holz, William Perry, Joe Pitts, Linda 

Pitts, Mike Pruitt, Rhonda Purcell, 
Gayla Ritchie, Henrietta Roberts, 
Natalie Rogers, Janet Rooks, Darcy 
Simmons, Sherenna Smith, Karl Stu- 
divant, Jodi Tate, Anthony Teasley, 
Vann Trotter, David Tucker, Julie 
Tucker, Amy Ward, Bruce Waters, 
Glenda Welch, Joseph Wheeler, San- 
dra Wheeler, Leroy Whiting, Lisa D. 
Williams and Robert Williams. 

The students who received the 
Bachelor of Science degree were 
Rick Austin, Rohit Duvadie and Boon 
Sun Ong. 

Ushers for the day were Rachel 
York, Nancy Singer, Vickie Webb, 
Nancy Carmack and Lewis Lindsey. 
The faculty marshal was Carol Parker, 
Registrar. Student marshals were 
Kristie Zimmerman and Richard 

134 Sail On 

Darcy Simmons. Lisa D. Williams. Soma David- 
son and Mary Landrum smile as thev reach the 
end of their college years. (— Moore) 

The Piedmont College Chapel was tilled H capac 
■ i s tor the Mav 13th ceremony. * Moore) 

Steven Fleming. Rhonda Purcell. Vann Trotter 
and (riends pete tor a group photo MMfV 

Graduation 135 

This year has rapidly drawn to 
a close. For some people, it is the 
end of their college years; for 
others, it is only the beginning. 

For those students who gra- 
duate this year, it is out into the 
"real world," with all its waves 
and storms. Jobs, families and 
commitments will now take the 
place of the fun, frolic and free- 
dom of college years. 

To those students who still 
have not completed their educa- 
tion, the time is now for decid- 
ing where your college exper- 
iences will take you. Be con- 
cerned about — but not 
preoccupied with — grades. 
Education is important, but don't 
forget to enjoy life along the 
way. Participate in as many ac- 
tivities as possible. Make the 
most of your college years — 
they can be the best years of 
your life. Don't miss the boat! 
— Rob Moore, Editor 

A group of friends celebrates winning a school 
scavenger hunt. (— Gaines) 

Fredda Dooley knows that studying is essential 
to being a successful student. ( — Moore) 

Don't Miss the Boat! 

Jewell Gordon, Jeff Casper and Tammy McDaniel celebrate the end of their college years. ( — Moore) 


136 Sail On 

Shane Adams uses his free time to review for an 
upcoming Spanish 102 quiz. (— Moore)